Archives – September – October – 2018


Archives – September – October – 2018


This Could Be Awesome For WWE 2K19- MUST READ!

This could be interesting for the Velveteen Dream!

Hell in a Cell and a Paul Heyman update!

Cool update on Jim Ross and Roman Reigns!

Kevin Owens and a WWE update!!!

Awesome interview with the great Hulk Hogan!

Are these the best WrestleMania battles in history?

Interesting update on Brian Cage!

Interesting take on WrestleMania 35 when it is in New Jersey, East Rutherford!

Could the WWE get The Elite?

An awesome story by The Tonga Kid!

A cool interview with Ricochet!

More details on the amazing Ricochet and an update!

Hell in a Cell, Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton!

The amazing Charlotte Flair plus Hulk Hogan update!

Interesting facts on Paul Heymans history!

Cody Rhodes and Goldust update!

A very revealing interview with the epic Kenny Omega!


Is Seth Rollins Hurt?

The Undertaker Coming Back?

Evolution: Are WWE legends Mickie James and Lita In A Fight?

Is Samir Singh coming back?

Update on The Undertaker!

Update on the amazing Mickie James!

The Bella Twins and Shawn Michaels!

Interview with the impressive Lana!

Interesting for Joey Mercury!

An interesting and revealing interview with Nic Aldis!

3rd of September Raw outcomes!

More details on Joey Mercury!

Ohio, Columbus!

This looks really good…Braun Strowman against Universal Champion, Roman Reigns!

An epic update on the Triple H against The Undertaker match!

Interview with Big Cass!

This looks interesting!…Cool Promo!

Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler!


Renee Young Should Go For It!

Will Seth Rollins Be Ok?

She’s Come Back…Good To See You Again, Asuka!

Rusev, The Usos, SAnitY and AJ Styles!

An interesting look for the universal champion Roman Reigns!

3rd of September Raw Highs and Lows!

A further update on the impressive Seth Rollins!

The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels update!

Super Show-Down update!

Could The Rock do it?

Braun Strowman against Roman Reigns: More fun details!

Renee Young update!

Interesting from Chris Jericho!

Would he come back? Revealing interview with Batista!

This looks fun: Mixed Match Challenge teams for the next season!

SmackDown update!

More Batista Details!

That was awesome from The Rock!

Hopefully he will recover quickly!!!

More details on Mixed Match Challenge, let’s hope it’s a good one!

Becky Lynch against Charlotte Flair… this could be epic!

More details for Hell in a Cell and a very emotional video!!!

The 4th of September 205 live outcomes!

This looks really interesting!

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan!

Naomi, Bray Wyatt and Charlotte Flair!

This could be interesting for raw!

The Mixed Match Challenge: A further interesting update!

Well done to Asuka!

Update on Daniel Bryan!

Mr McMahon against Stone Cold battles on the WWE Network!

Does Braun Strowman require help?

Jeff Hardy, 205 Live and Randy Orton!

Gran Metalik, Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali, 205 Live update!

Congrats to Asuka!

$1 billion

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre update!

Cool SmackDown update!

Some good points here!

A cool poll for the SmackDown Fans out there!

A seriously epic promo for Hell in a Cell – MUST WATCH!

The Bar, The New Day and Hell in a Cell…possible exciting match!

Update on Xia Brookside!

Things are getting spicy between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair!

WWE MMC: The pairings for next season!

Possible awesome match for WrestleMania 35?

Will The Shield recover quickly???

Could be interesting for Asuka in the future!

WWE superstar AJ Styles looks cool!

‘I’m going to rip’ – Bobby Lashley

An intriguing Alberto Del Rio interview!

3rd of September Awesome Social Media Responses!

Dallas and Axel!

Update on the amazing Lita!

Outcomes on SmackDown Live!

Samoa Joe against AJ Styles, epic fighting! – video

The Miz against R-Truth! – video

Firey between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair! – video

SAnitY, Rusev, The Usos…what a match! – video

Andrade Almas against Daniel Bryan! – video


Awesome About Wyatt!

John Cena and Zack Ryder!

Interesting on Pat McAfee!

Zatara against Tegan Nox!

Will this happen with WWE?

Interesting tactics for wrestlers!

Awesome interview with Mercedes Martinez!

Could the Universal Champion Roman Reigns be beaten by these guys?

Becky Lynch should go for it!!! She deserves it!!!

Very revealing interview with Dana White!

Shawn Michaels to wrestle soon?

Interesting take on Brock Lesnar…worth a read!

Awesome Goldberg interview!

The amazing Mixed Match Challenge is back…watch out!

Hell in a Cell: Could these wrestlers have a match?

Brie Bella is doing so well with these questions ;-)!

Mixed Match Challenge update!

The Shield against the Undisputed Era?

Interesting Drake Maverick update!

Will this WWE superstar be ok?

Hell in a Cell: Who could be the champions? Interesing!

Could the impressive Braun Strowman have these battles?

Interesting on Vince McMahon…worth a read!

A pretty awesome interview with Ricochet!

‘I’m going away now.’ – Bray Wyatt!


Interview with Curt Hawkins!

Could these legends wrestle one last time?

AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, Amarillo!

Does WWE superstar Roman Reigns Lose?

Does she like these people?

Interesting, revealing interview with the great Jim Ross!

The Undertaker against Shawn Michaels, interesting facts!

Tyler Breeze and the 8th of September outcomes from NXT in Warren!

Paige looks really snazzy with this new hairstyle!

The Shield: Could these superstars be part of it in the future?

‘Where you at?’ – Scorpio Sky

These things could be interesting!

Sarah Logan and Bray Wyatt!

Finn Balor should definately go for it!


What could happen in Hell in a Cell?

Possible Evolution leaked line-up?

Interesting for Paul Heyman, keep your eyes peeled for more info!

She is definately going for it!

Could these take place at Hell in a Cell?

Hope she does well…could be brilliant!

Are these moves still effective?

Interesting take on Hell in a Cell!

11th of September, SmackDown outcomes!

Interesting update on Hell in a Cell!

More 11th of September SmackDown outcomes and details!

The Hart Attack, Natalya, Ronda Rousey, and Alexa Bliss!

Super intriguing Hell in a Cell update!

Is she doing good, what are your thoughts?

Raw, interesting viewership figures, will it be ok?

A pretty awesome fact about WWE superstar AJ Styles!

Maryse, Daniel Bryan, The  Miz and Brie Bella in an epic!

More awesome details on the 11th of September SmackDown Live show!

Becky Lynch in a moment of crazyness…pure gold!

Awesome interview with the inspirational Sonya Deville!


Latest on Simone Johnson!!!

Hell in a Cell update!

These are some serious crazy moves!

These could be interesting!

Matt Riddle to go to NXT?

Will WWE get Pentagon Jr soon?

Becky Lynch gets angry!

She had a good disguise on!

Bobby Lashley gets motivated!

Good for Alexa Bliss!

Broadcaster Renee Young looks ready to go!

Current predictions for Hell in a Cell?

Interesting for Mick Foley, hope it goes ok!

Awesome video on the New Day!

Serious update on Hell in a Cell!

Some good matches on, inc. Braun Strowman against Roman Reigns!!!


Matt Hardy Resigns – Emotional Epic Video – Must Watch!!!

‘I’d politely disagree’ – Cody Rhodes

Awesome Hell in a Cell narration!

Seriously sweet with The Rock and Emily Blunt!

Kacy Catanzaro, Dan Matha, Keith Lee and Bianca Belair wrestling updates!

Do you have any of these?

These wrestlers came back!

AJ Styles against Samoa Joe match outcome!

Could this happen tonight?

Awesome interview with talented Renee Young!

Interesting Hell in a Cell update! More details!

This was interesting!

Updated details of the matches for Hell in a Cell of 2018!

Good feedback by John Cena!

Awesome details of Hell in a Cell!

Interesting from Cesaro!

Should Charlotte Flair keep it after all?

Revealing interview with Bob Backlund!

Dolph Ziggler, The Shield, Braun Strowman!

Go for it, Becky Lynch (possible new costume!)

Were these great for Hell in a Cell?

The Shield and Hulk Hogan update!

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair update!!!

Interesting from Lanny Poffo!

Were these extreme for Hell in a Cell?

Awesome new intro song for Tommaso Ciampa!

Hell in a Cell: Could these happen tonight?

Apollo Crews against Zach Ryder, Dana Brooke against Ember Moon!

Awesome interview with Bruce Prichard!

Could be interesting for Tag Team Championship!

He is seriously strong, go for it Lars Sullivan!

Update on Paul Orndorff, interesting!

Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy!

Will Jason Jordan be ok, update!

Will Walter go to WWE?

Could these happen at Hell in a Cell tonight?

Jinder Mahal, Bobby Lashley, Ronda Rousey, No Way Jose update!

More details on Matt Hardy!

Brilliant account of the most famous Hell in a Cell match between Mick Foley and The Undertaker!

Interesting on WWE!

The New Day are having fun!!!

Update on Shawn Miachaels!

Mark Briscoe against Frankie Kazarian update!

Another intriguing update on Hell in a Cell for this year!

Is Roman Reigns having fun?

The Undertakers thoughts on THAT match with Mick Foley!

Further update on Paul Orndorff!

Is he going to do something spectacular?

Happy Birthday to Teddy Long, congratulations!

Update on Daniel Bryan!

Huge update on 205 Live!

Awesome, powerful trailer for Mick Foleys presentation – MUST WATCH!

Braun Strowman against Roman Reigns further update!

Epic interview with PJ Black!

Seriously great art here! – video

Very emotional by Ric Flair! – video

Awesome bts of tonights event! – video

The New Day look very excited! – video

Brilliant moments in history! – video


Awesome SmackDown 1000 update!

Scott D’Armore and Ed Nordholm!

Possible arm issue?

Really sweet from Paul Orndorff!

More details on the executives!

2020 could be an intersting year for WWE!!!

Good to see Brock Lesnar again!

That is pretty awesome!

Best wishes to Amanpreet Singh Randhawa for the future!

Further details on Ed Nordholm and Scott D’Amore!

Will she be ok after this?

There will be a MMC replacement!

Awesome Jeff Hardy interview!

Hope Scott Dawson and Matt Hardy will recover ok!

More about the Stamford meeting!

A unique take on Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins!

Update on WWE 205 Live!

Hope he is ok!

The WWE superstar Brock Lesnar comes back!

The Shera dance looks pretty awesome!

Update on AJ Styles!

More details on superstar Alexa Bliss, hopefully she will get better!

More details on the arm!

Should be great for NXT!

2.672 million

The Bella Twins and Daniel Bryan!

Update on the Mix-match challenge!

The 18th of September SmackDown outcomes!

A further update on the Impact officials!

More details!

This could be good!

Another update!

This looks awesome…worth a look!

The 18th of September MMC outcomes!


Awesome, revealing interview with Curt Hawkins!

Update on Shawn Michaels!

Further details!

Interesting on Curt Hawkins!

Things are hotting up between Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar!

These guys are awesome!

Cool update on Kane!

Go for it, Shawn Michaels!

Alexa Bliss, Kairi Sane, and Lita!

Interesting on Shawn Michaels!

Will Wade Barrett do it?

Interesting on Jim Ross, worth a read!

Update on NXT!

He enjoyed it,  AJ Styes reaction!


Amazing Rey Mysterio Update!

His son is in training?

Lesnar is a huge draw!

Revealing Eli Drake Interview!

Interesting take on the Super Show-Down, worth a read!

Cool 2K19 update!

John Cena is looking sharp and furious!

Interesting on 2K19!

More cool details on 2k19!

The Bella Twins have a pretty good intro in 2K19!


Ember Moon, Naomi, AJ Styles and Braun Strowman!

Some serious talent for the 2K19 music!

That was really nice of Paige!

Champion Becky Lynch is not in the mood!

Interesting interview with Baron Corbin!

Will Sasha Banks be alright?

Further update on the situation!

Will Britt Baker be ok? Injury update!

Interesting take on the crowd reactions, worth a read!

Seriously talented managers!

Are these movies good?

This could be seriously awesome…well done to Matt Riddle!


Awesome poll of the day!

Ruby Riott, Drew McIntyre, Brie Bella!

Update on 2K19!

Interesting on Super Show-Down!

Interesting interview with PJ Black!

This is awesome from Matt Hardy!

Interesting from Charlotte Flair!

Seriously awesome 1998 battles!

She looks fabulous as a brunette, well done!

Xia Li, Toni Storm, Kaitlyn in battle!

Wrestling update on Raw!

Has the makings of being one of the best matches of all time!

Interesting and revealing from Baron Corbin!

That is going to hurt, surely!

Interesting take on it!

Tanga Loa and Tama Tonga update!


Will Liv Morgan recover ok?

A few injuries during the match?

24th of September of Raw, the lows and highs!

25th of September SmackDown outcomes!

Will she be able to do it?, wrestling update!

Crown Jewel, Rey Mysterio, Shinsuke Nakamura?

These guys were brave!

25th of September Smackdown funstuff!

Dean Ambrose and Renee Young!

These guys want to create change!

Is this fair?

Super Show-down, AJ Styles, Buddy Murphy!

Liv Morgan did so well, what a brave wrestler!!!

This sounds super interesting and super weird!

25th of September SmackDown outcomes!

Interesting James Storm update!

More details on the Awesome SmackDown!

Awesome take on some of the superstars!

Are these fair or not?

Seriously awesome for The Undertaker!

Amazing for AJ Styles, brilliant interview!

Could superstar Finn Balor do this…would be interesting?

A further update on SmackDown!

Samoa Joe and AJ Styles, things are hotting up!

Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Goldust!

These guys are amazing!

Interesting on SmackDown!


Is Batista coming back?

Update on Shawn Michaels and Cody Rhodes!

Will John Cena be retiring soon?

A tag team match with Triple H and The Undertaker?

Interesting take on some of the reigns on SmackDown live!

Epic comments by Randy Orton!

Could these happen?

A very epic intro song for Kacy Catanzaro, well done!

This could be interesting?

Very interesting comments indeed!!!

Brothers of Destruction wrestling update!

An awesome photo of CM Punk and Mickie James back in the day!

Controversial comments by Aiden English!

Update on Sasha Banks, hope she is ok!

Very revealing interview with the one and only Rey Mysterio!

Kassius and Cesaro!


Will Kenny Omega join WWE?

Awesome Booker T Interview!

Things are hotting up for Carmella and Zelina Vega?

Revealing interview with Emma, hope she is ok!

Interesting for Evolution!

Liv Morgan update, will she be alright?

Update on Punishment Martinez!

Update on Super Show-Down!

This could be exciting!!!

Epic update on Shelton Benjamin!

These were awesome, worth a watch!

Will Dean Ambrose go heel?

Will these wrestlers be ok?

Looks interesting!!!

Ryback, Gail Kim, Batista, interesting!

Interesting take on the current events!

Are these superstars leaving in the future?

That’s interesting!

AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Becky Lynch, exciting times!!!

They look really relaxed and happy, well done!

Update on Charitable events!

The latest great poll!

Are these wrestlers unlucky?

This looks borderline genius!!!


Kevin Owens, a joke, and Elias!!! Interesting reaction!

Kane, Shawn Michaels, and The Undertaker!

Interesting viewership figures for Raw!

Update on Rey Mysterio!

Samoa Joe, Paige, AJ Styles, and SmackDown Live wrestling update!

1st of October Raw Highs and Lows!

Awesome revelation by Cody Rhodes?

Ringside Fest 2018 update…looks fun!

Will WrestleMania have Grant Holt in the future?

This looks interesting, and possibly really cool!

The 2nd of October SmackDown Live outcomes!

2.08 million

Is the ‘Attitude era’ coming back?

Awesome interview with Kevin Nash!


Shinsuke Nakamura, Batista, Randy Orton, Nikki Bella!

Well done to the IIconics!

An interesting perspective with Torrie Wilson!

This could be interesting for Ronda Rousey!

What a great moment with Paige and Trish Stratus!

Things are still hotting up with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair!

Revealing interview with Jamison Winger!

AJ Styles and The IIconics!

Is Rob Van Dam right?

John Cena, Samoa Joe, The Shield!

The Rocks interesting words to Steve Austin!

Are these the best parts of the Super Show-Down?

A passionate response by the brilliant Becky Lynch!

Awesome stuff with The Undertaker!


Is Laurel Van Ness going to the WWE performance centre?

Will Shawn Michaels be alright?

Interesting from Dolph Ziggler!

10th of October, SmackDown outcomes!

This looks exciting for the UK!

Will Kevin Owens be ok?

Interesting take on the Super Show-Down!

Interesting remarks by Bully Ray!

A WWE World Cup…this looks really exciting!!!

This looks cool!!!

The Miz against Daniel Bryan, interesting match!

Improved viewership figures!

Maria Kanellis-Bennett and Mike Bennett wrestling update!

9th of October Mixed Match Challenge outcomes!


205 Live show Maria Kenellis-Bennett and Mike Bennett!

Pretty awesome interview with WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler!

That was really funny and brilliant from John Cena!!!

Paige, The Usos, AJ Lee!

Sasha Banks latest status?

Were these 2008 matches good?

Shinsuke Nakamura against Rey Mysterio!

Is Nikki Cross being clever?

Kacy Catanzaro and Toni Storm!

Tegan Nox and Kaitlyn!

A further update on Nikki Cross!

The 10/10/2018 NXT outcomes!

The 10/10/2018 205 Live outcomes!

WWE superstar Charlotte Flair is awesome!

Interesting from John Cena!

This could be cool for Lio Rush!

This looks interesting!

The 9th of October SmackDown Live Lows and Highs!

Hope CM Punk is ok!

Rico, Batista and Dude Love!


This could be a great event: A Crown Jewell update!

Interesting on Hulk Hogan!

Great response by Juice Robinson!

Very revealing for WWE superstar Asuka!!!

Is Mike Bennett making a statement?

Interesting on WWE!

Cool Charlotte Flair interview!

Awesome Chuck Taylor interview!

Interesting viewership update for Total Divas!

Are these wrestlers ok? A wrestling update!

Johnny Impact and Austin Aries!

Further Chuck Taylor update!


More details on Chuck Taylor!

Authors of Pain and The Revival!

Awesome Ronda Rousey interview!

She is keeping her composure, well done to Ronda Rousey!

More details on WWE superstar Charlotte Flair!

Intriguing from Eric Young!

Will WWE superstar Sasha Banks be ok? Current update!

Interesting take on the Evolution event!

Awesome Maria and Mike Bennett update!

Shinsuke Nakamura and Asuka!

This looks interesting!

Could this happen?

Another Ronda Rousey update, she is very calm!


Big Show, Kevin Nash, DDP, Table for 3!

Interesting UPDATE with WWE!

Will Bobby Roode be GOOD?

AWESOME Mickie James Interview!

WWE superstar Bobby Roode to REPLACE Kevin Owens!

Will Kenny Omega TAKE ON Seth Rollins?

Shinsuke Nakamura AGAINST Rey Mysterio!

Interesting remarks by ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin!

Are these guys GOOD at the Tombstone Piledriver?

This looks COOL!

Tattoos FOR WWE superstar Alexa Bliss!

Are these 2009 matches GREAT?

Nia Jax is BACK!

INTERESTING from Sami Zayn!


Glenn Jacobs WANTS to wrestle at WWE Crown Jewel!

REVEALING AJ Styles interview!

This could be interesting!!!

EPIC Brian Cage interview!

Are these wrestlers LEAVING in the future?

VERY REVEALING Mick Foley interview!

Will these guys BOUNCE Back?

COOL reminder of Mike Bennett match!

Kurt Angle’s LATEST update!


Could these matches HAPPEN at WrestleMania 35?

AWESOME WWE superstar Charlotte Flair interview!

Congratulations to the WWE for WINNING the W3 awards!

UPDATE to WWE Evolution!

Could these wrestlers DO IT?

WWE Evolution and a Jazz UPDATE!

Smackdown 1000: WILL Edge be there?

These wrestlers are UNLUCKY!

A GREAT answer from John Cena!

13th of October NXT UK Outcomes!

Will WWE superstar Sasha Banks be OK?

WILL the Crown Jewel GO AHEAD?

Bayley and Rey Mysterio UPDATE!

Will 205 Live GET Zack Ryder?

Seth Rollins AGAINST Kenny Omega? EPIC UPDATE!

An interesting TAKE on the Womens Division!

AWESOME interview with Road Warrior Animal!

Another WWE Evolution UPDATE!

INTERESTING comments by WWE superstar Nikki Bella!

That is really SAD to hear!

Dan Moloney, Eddie Ryan, Isla Dawn and Rhea Ripley UPDATE!

INTERESTING from Nikki Bella!

This looks COOL!

Another UPDATE on WWE Superstar John Cena!

Further details on the WWE Evolution Event!

INTERESTING List, worth a look!

Will the Crown Jewel be OK?

Very SWEET words from Kaitlyn!

Crown Jewel UPDATE!

Would this be GOOD for Raw?

More Crown Jewel details!

An interesting take on the Crown Jewel and WWE!

Very REVEALING Kurt Angle interview!

Could Kenny Omega DO IT?


16th of October SmackDown Live: AWESOME ANALYSE!

Has Luis Martinez SIGNED with the WWE?

FURTHER DETAILS on the WWE SmackDown 1000!

INTERESTING UPDATE on the Crown Jewel!

Triple H, The Undertaker, Chris Jericho!

INTERESTING take on the Saudi Arabia event!

INTERESTING for WWE superstar Charlotte Flair and her Ex-husband!

Rey Mysterio and James Ellsworth UPDATE!

Were these matches TOUGH!!!

EPIC SmackDown 1000 review!

Batista, Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Triple H!

Promotion of Ronda Rousey TAKING ON Nikki Bella!

These wrestlers are AWESOME!

The wrestling POLL for this week!

WWE SmackDown 1000, R-Truth and Shane McMahon!

That looks pretty funny!

Pretty Cool!

A seriously BRILLIANT montage, well done to Rapper Bodie!

EPIC interview with WWE superstar Becky Lynch!

Randy Orton, Triple H and Batista!

Are these GOOD?


Sonya Deville, Asuka, Torrie Wilson and Nia Jax!

205 Live: Drew Gulak AGAINST Akira Tozawa!

This could be COOL!

Ethan Page, Sami Callihan, Rich Swann, Tessa Blanchard!

UPDATE on Jerry Lawler!

Shinsuke Nakamura AGAINST Rey Mysterio!

This looks pretty awsome!

The COMPLETE World Cup list?

Mickie James, Lana, Rusev and Natalya!


Bianca Belair AGAINST Nikki Cross!

This is looking PROMISING!

Are these wrestlers the SURPLEX MASTERS!!!

Lana, Rusev and Alexa Bliss UPDATE!

Torrie Wilson LOOKING AWESOME!!!

INTERESTING on The Dogs of War and The Shield!

17th of October, OUTCOMES on Mae Young Classic!

AWESOME for the New Day!

EPIC Chris Jericho update!


CONGRATULATIONS to Santino Marella!

LATEST UPDATE on the WWE Crown Jewel!

INTERESTING take on WWE superstars Ronda Rousey and Nikki Bella!

REVEALING interview with Mustafa Ali!

Could Total Divas HAVE Ronda Rousey?


That’s pretty interesting for The Undertaker!

Nia Jax, Dana Brooke, Asuka, the Battle Royal!

WWE Evolution, Becky Lynch, Toni Storm and Ric Flair?

WWE and Fox!

Hope that goes well for The Rock!

UPDATE on Crown Jewel and John Cena!

New name in WWE: Showbar?


This looks COOL!

Hope WWE superstar Braun Strowman is alright!

UPDATE on The Undertaker!

These matches were EPIC!

UPDATE on WWE Evolution: Latest details!


Aiden English AGAINST Rusev: SmackDown Live UPDATE!

AWESOME interview with Drew McIntyre!

Will this TAKE PLACE at Raw!

WWE superstars Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss ARE BACK!

Charlotte Flair AGAINST Becky Lynch, SmackDown Live UPDATE!

That’s awesome for Seth Rollins!

Could this HAPPEN for Eric Young or Rusev?

EPIC UPDATE on Chelsea Green!

INTERESTING interview with Eric Bischoff!


Mickie James, Alexa Bliss, Alicia Fox and Becky Lynch!

Are these wrestlers a MATCH for the AMAZING Roman Reigns!

That was really awesome from Lita to Charlotte Flair!

The WWE Crown Jewel and Braun Strowman!

Rey Mysterio on The Miz TV?

INTERESTING take on The Shield!

This looks REALLY GOOD…Zelina Vega and Sheamus!

REVEALING from Batista!

Really AWESOME from Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder!

Are these the LATEST GOOD feuds?

FASCINATING from David Arquette!

I hope Rey Mysterio is ready for this!

No Way Jose and The Revival!

Are these the best AWESOME performances?

Is he RIGHT and FAIR in his assesment?

The WWE World Cup: This looks really COOL!

This is AWESOME from Batista…quite REVEALING!

This looks really weired and BRILLIANT!!!

Hopefully Tegan Nox will get back soon and QUICK!

That’s Interesting!

Lance Storm, Cody Rhodes and a Fan!

Could this HAPPEN for The Young Bucks?

WWE superstar Becky Lynch gets a Pep talk from Edge!

FURTHER UPDATE on the Crown Jewel: The Latest!

Very Emotional Toni Storm and an Interview!

Are the nWo COMING BACK?

A very HAPPY and PROUD Becky Lynch in an Interview!

Could this be an INTERESTING TWIST to Crown Jewel involving D-Generation X?

Further UPDATE on Alexa Bliss!

GOOD responses by WWE superstar John Cena!

Did Paul Heyman write that GREAT Ronda Rousey Promotion?

COOL Kurt Angle interview!

Several Seriously COOL moments with Vince McMahon!

Becky Lynch, Pete Dunne and Charlotte Flair!

That was really sweet of Sheamus – MUST WATCH! (video)

Curt Hawkins and Zach Ryder are having FUN! (video)

That looks really EXCITING for Pete Dunne! (video)

POWERFUL and MOVING footage of SmackDown 1000! (video)

Very emotional footage on Batista! (video)

It was really hard NOT TO LAUGH… Try it yourself! (video)

STUNNING list on the Big Show! (video)

BRILLIANT take on The Undertaker! (video)

FASCINATING on the Crown Jewel event…MUST WATCH! (video)


KIND WORDS by Connor Braxton!!!

UPDATE on the COURAGEOUS Roman Reigns!

Was 22 when he had the original diagnosis!

UPDATE on the WWE Crown Jewel!

FURTHER UPDATE on WWE Superstar Roman Reigns!

Could there be a decision TODAY on the Crown Jewel?

22nd of October Raw Lows and Highs!

Possible Match between Triple H AGAINST Batista?

FURTHER DETAILS on Roman Reigns!

Roman Reigns is NOT retiring!


An EMOTIONAL speech to the crowd!

Nikki Bella, Ronda Rousey and The Shield!

A very POWERFUL, MOVING video with some of the superstars backstage!

AWESOME ranking of the MAIN women in WWE!

INTERESTING take on WWE Crown Jewel!

WWE Crown Jewel, Daniel Bryan and John Cena!

WWE Evolution UPDATE!

23rd of October SmackDown Live outcomes!

Further details on the Roman Reigns ANNOUNCEMENT!

A question is ASKED, fans REACTINTERESTING reaction!

FURTHER Details on the SmackDown Live evening!

23rd of October Mixed Match Challenge outcomes!

The WWE Evolution event and the CURRENT ODDS!

More COOL details on the WWE Evolution event!

Saudi Arabia and an INTERESTING take on the details!

Another UPDATE on Roman Reigns!

The Broadcast team in the WWE Evolution event…FURTHER DETAILS!

Roman Reigns gets best wishes by MANY famous wrestlers!

MORE DETAILS on Roman Reigns…hope he gets well soon!

UPDATE on the New Day!

23rd of October SmackDown Live UPDATE!

Some fans responses…fair point?

FURTHER DETAILS: latest update!

That was a KIND GESTURE from The Usos!

AMAZING message from Braun Strowman!

MORE HEAT between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair!

Roman Reigns gets supporting message from Kenny Omega!

WWE superstar Alexa Bliss is Injured?

Bryan Alvarez on Dean Ambrose!

WELL DONE to The Usos!


WWE Evolution event: A COOL update!

That was nice from Paul Heyman!

2.622 million

Zack Ryder, Bobby Roode and Jinder Mahal!

This is FASCINATING on the WWE World Cup!

REALLY MOVING from Aleister Black!

23rd of October: Asuka & The Miz in action in Mix Match Challenge, outcomes!

Further Update on the WWE Crown Jewel…Interesting!

Ronda Rousey and Nikki Bella!

23rd of October, INTERESTING on SmackDown Live!

Good Luck Roman Reigns…lovely message!

Is WWE superstar Paige HAPPY?

The WWE Evolution event: REVEALING UPDATE!

Mickie James, Braun Strowman, Alicia Fox and Bobby Roode!

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