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Archives – July – August – 2018

July – 2018


Is Dolph Ziggler coming back?

Raw and Ronda Rousey!!!

WWE and Kane update!

Update on XFL and Vince McMahon!

Sasha Banks and Bayley are going for it!!!

Is Shinsuke Nakamura ok?

Is Gene Snitsky leaving???

Will Jeff Hardy be ok? Injury update!

Update on the Shawn Michaels DVD!

Interview with Charlotte Flair!

Update on Vince McMahon!

Interview with legend Mick Foley!!!

Awesome WWE video!!!

CM Punk by Jim Ross!

Asuka and Mick Foley update!

More details on Vince McMahon!

Update on the shares!!!

Brock Lesnar update!

More details on the stock!!!

Update on The Rock!

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara!


The WWE 2k19 game and Brock Lesnar!

Is Extreme Rules getting Rowdy?

Lebron James, The Miz, WWE!!!

More details on Ronda Rousey!!!

Shayna Baszler update!!!

Fox and WWE update!!!

Update on the Universal title!

Interesting WWE UK update!

Details on Matt Riddle!!!

Interview with Ryback!

Kenny Omega and AJ Styles!!!

Update on Extreme Rules!

Kalisto is unlucky!!!

More details on WWE!

Will Bray Wyatt be ok?

Will WWE superstar Ruby Riott recover ok???

Update on WWE NXT!

Interview with Daniel Bryan!

WWE’s Ronda Rousey details!!!

‘This is what you and some seem to forget’, AJ Styles

Further update with WWE!!!

Will Samir Singh return to WWE soon?

More interesting details for Extreme Rules!

Bobby Lashley against Roman Reigns!!!


Victoria is hosting Mick Foley!!!

Is Bobby Roode unlucky?

Will Bray Wyatt be ok?

Extreme Rules update!!!

A fan and AJ Styles tweet!

Interesting on CM Punk!

WWE, and whether Kenny Omega will join them!

Daniel Bryan update!

WWE superstar Alexa Bliss and Samoa Joe!

What is hot so far in WWE?

Will Bray Wyatt be ok after this? An interesting update!

WWE and Kevin Owens!

Update on The Shields DVD, including photos!!!

Roman Reigns and a Fans poll!

Mustafa Ali and Buddy Murphy, 205 outcomes for 3rd of July!

Zelina Vega and Andrade Almas!!!

‘With or with out me.’ Ruby Riott!

Further details for Extreme Rules!

Will Kenny Omega work for WWE???

The Hall of Fame 2019 update!

Extreme Rules and SmackDown update!!!

2nd of July Raw outcomes with Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks and Bayley going at it!!!

Jeff Hardy is being brave!

Comments by Rusev!

Interview with The Miz!

More details on SmackDown!!!

Awesome interview with Sasha Banks!

Billie and Peyton!

Will Daniel Bryan keep with WWE?

Further comments by WWE superstar Sasha Banks!

Well done to Ricky Steamboat, hope you get better!

Roman Reigns update!

2nd of July Raw viewer figures!

Will Enzo Amore be ok?

The 3rd of July 205 live outcomes!

Is WWE star Ruby Riott recovering ok?

The 3rd of July SmackDown update and outcomes!

Kevin Owens and Braun Strowman match!

The Usos against Team Hell No! – video

The Miz against Jeff Hardy! – video

James Ellsworth against Asuka! – video

New Day against SAnitY! – video

Funny from The Usos! – video


Update on Kenny Omega!!!

4th of July NXT outcomes!

Is WWE getting Deonna Purrazzo?

Current comments by Kenny Omega!!!

Interesting Dr. Shelby update!

Edge and Hulk Hogan!

Why Kenny Omega could be good!!!

Is Big Cass going to be ok?

Extreme Rules, Roman Reigns and Scott Dawson!

Will Finn Balor take on Jeff Hardy?

EC3 against Johnny Gargano!!!

Dakota Kai and Velveteen Dream in NXT!

Will The Miz be ok?

More details on Kenny Omega!!!

Velveteen Dream against Chris Dijak!

Will Kevin Owens be ok?

Vanessa Borne, Kairi Sane and Adam Cole!

Is Roman Reigns turning heel soon?

Cool update on The Undertaker!!!


Extreme Rules: A further update!!!

Is Daniel Bryan moving on?

Awesome 1987 rare match with Hulk Hogan!!!

More details on Rey Mysterio!

Interesting from Goldberg!!!

Interesting interview with Kane!

WWE and Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Wrestler Mandy Rose doing her job well!

Will Roman Reigns change? An interesting take!

Is there a change in the way for Daniel Bryan!

Interview with WWE superstar Daniel Bryan!

Possible Extreme Rules main event contender?

Possible issues with Nia Jax? Is she ok?

Are these wrestlers underrated?

Go for it, Elias!

Daniel Bryan and The Miz start to get heated!

Sasha Banks and Rey Mysterio!

Interesting take on the reign of Brock Lesnar!

Rey Mysterio is coming back?

Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar?

‘Gonna take more than that to tear down what I’ve built.’ AJ Styles

Tag team update with Drew McIntyre, could be interesting!

Comments about Brock Lesnar by Eric Bischoff!

Baron Corbin against Finn Balor! – video

Melbourne, Carmella and AJ Styles! – video

A stunning arrival by Lex Luger! – video

2K18 Hot moments! – video

Seriously awesome BTS footage of Mandy Rose! – video


Bayley and Sasha Banks update!!!

Table for 3: Trish Stratus, Lita and Alexa Bliss! Gonna be Awesome!

Extreme Rules Top 5 moments!

Interview with Madison Rayne!

Could Jason Jordan come back???

Cool update on Extreme Rules!

WWE controversial moments!

Interview with Jazz!

Extreme Rules and Bray Wyatt!

Update on The Undertaker!

Is Extreme Rules not featuring The Miz?

Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal!

Update on WWE superstar Brock Lesnar!!!

Go for it Lana!

Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley!

Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder and Alexa Bliss!

AJ Styles against Roman Reigns!

Awesome interview with WWE legend Kurt Angle!

205 live and Will Ospreay!

Update on Ronda Rousey!

Ronda Rousey is going for it!

Interesting on Brock Lesnar!

Best 10 controversial moments in the Bathroom! – video

AJ Styles against Roman Reigns! – video

Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder! – video

Triple H and The Undertaker! – video

Aiden English, Rusev, Lana and The IIconics! – video


Interesting Brock Lesnar update!!!

A shark cage and James Ellsworth?

PPV WWE update!

Ronda Rousey and 2K19 update!

Interesting Titus O’Neil update!

SmackDown outcomes inc. Shinsuke Nakamura!

2K19 and Ronda Rousey update!

More details on Ronda Rousey!!!

Interesting reaction to the current SmackDown outcomes!

Kane, Daniel Bryan and SmackDown!

More details on Ronda Rousey in 2k19!

Shinsuke Nakamura against AJ Styles!

An interesting Dolph Ziggler fact!

Is Brock Lesnar heading to UFC?

Further 2K18 update!

Awesome ‘The Rock’ interview!

An Extreme Rules update!

Interesting for James Ellsworth!

9th of July Raw reactions!

Interview with James Storm!

More update on Ronda Rousey!

10th of July SmackDown outcomes!

Further details!!!

The Undertaker and Jeff Hardy!


These guys are doing an AMAZING job!!!

Interesting Brock Lesnar update!

Further details on The Beast!

Update with WWE!

Is Dolph Ziggler happy?

’13 years ago, I made my WWE debut’ Ciampa!

Update on Cody Rhodes!

Interesting interview with Sami Callihan!

Interview with Stephanie McMahon!

Will Paige VanZant join WWE?

Interview with Fandango!

WWE 2K19 and 2K Games!

Interesting take on Ronda Rousey!

Charlotte Flair, Jordan and Ambrose!

Will the WWE get The Young Bucks?

Extreme Rules and Ronda Rousey update!

The Mae Young Classic and an important announcment!!!

Update on Extreme Rules!

Awesome details on WWE?

Interview with WWE superstar Jeff Hardy!

Is Bill Goldberg ok after crash?

Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns!!!

Update on Paige VanZant!


5 HUGE hours for Raw???

Awesome NEW photos of roster!!!

Re-sign the contract, Daniel Bryan!

Why not, Adam Page?

That’s interesting, Kurt Angle!

Update on Extreme Rules!

Go for it, Daniel Bryan!

Interview with Greg Valentine!

This could be interesting for Drew McIntyre!

Interesting Joe Koff interview!

10 best awesome crashes!

Awesome interview with Kofi Kingston!

Update on the Kickoff matches, including SAnitY and Andrade Almas!

Update on Daniel Bryan!

Interesting update on WWE!

Geoffrey the Giraffe update!

Further update on Daniel Bryan!

Fascinating interview with Daniel Bryan!

Extreme Rules: Further update!

More details on Extreme Rules, should be exciting!

Roman Reigns and Bobby Roode!

This should be good, Extreme Rules is getting closer!

Update on Bianca Belair!

Andrade Almas update!


Will Jeff Hardy BE ok?

AJ Styles and Zelina Vega!

Update on Diamond Dallas Page!

AJ Styles against Andrade Almas?

Awesome Charlotte Flair update!

Possible date for return?

Interesting take on Extreme Rules!

Will Kevin Owens be ok?

16th of July Raw Highs and lows!

Further details on AJ Styles!!!

Has MJ Jenkins gone to WWE?

Asuka and AJ Styles!

Hulk Hogan back in Hall of Fame!!!

Is Bill Goldberg doing ok?

Daniel Bryan and Rey Mysterio!

17th of July update on SmackDown!

More details on Andrade Almas against AJ Styles!

Deonna Purrazzo and Keith Lee!

More details on 17th of July SmackDown outcomes!

Hulk Hogan and Mark Henry update!

Interesting viewership numbers for Raw since January!

Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and The Miz!

Will Brock Lesnar face Bobby Lashley or Roman Reigns?

Mark Henry and Hulk Hogan update!

Epic landings in Extreme Rules! – video

Update on Bianca Belair! – video

Bayley against Alexa Bliss! – video

Awesome from Kaitlyn! – video

Lita, Trish Stratus and Alexa Bliss! – video


BIG Announcement taking place soon???

Is James Ellsworth moving on?

Interesting Matt Riddle update!

Will Howard Finkel be ok?

Batista is a class act!

Interesting comments by Tommy Dreamer!

Update on Cain Velasquez!

Is Hulk Hogan coming back? Another update!

Samoa Joe against AJ Styles, possible match?

Will Kelly Kelly come back?

Will there be a big announcement soon?

Update on Kane!

More details on the announcement!

More details on Kelly Kelly!!!

Awesome interview with WWE superstar Roman Reigns!

Interesting NXT update!

Further update on the Announcement!!!

Details on Vince McMahon!

Update on Mae Young Classic!

Will AJ Styles have a match against Samoa Joe?

Interesting take on the current PG era!

Go for it, Kelly Kelly!

Interview with Tommy Dreamer!

Interview with Brian Cage!

All-womens show: Will there be one?


More details on James Ellsworth!!!

8 Amazing Brock Lesnar bouts!

Interesting Jim Ross interview!

Interesting Mae Young Classic update!

Update on Kelly Kelly!

Awesome interview with Jeff Jarret!

Interesting take on wrestlers with interesting Summerslam history!

Xavier Woods and Samoa Joe!


Nikki Cross Update!!!

Update on Womens Changes!

Interesting interview with Cris Cyborg!

Has Grandmaster Sexay been arrested?

Does Bobby Lashley like these guys?

Update on the womens announcement!

Further update on Stephanie McMahon!

The 24th of July SmackDown outcomes!

Update on Brian Christopher!

Update on AJ Styles match!

Reaction plus further details on the Women’s event!

WWE legend Kurt Angle and an interesting take!

The womens event and interesting possible matches!

More details on Brian Christopher!

Is Maria Kenellis-Bennett coming back?

Is James Ellsworth leaving?

Interesting possible matches for the Womens PPV show!

Elias and a further update with WWE!

Further update on Cris Cyborg!

24th of July SmackDown outcomes!


Update on Pete Dunn!!!

Will Randy Orton make things interesting?

Interesting comments by Nikki Bella!

‘I ain’t going back.’ Juice Robinson

Awesome Carmella interview!

Fascinating Bobby Lashley interview!!!

Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns!

Sweet wedding photos!!!

Interesting comment by Jim Ross!

Will James Ellsworth be back?

Update on WWE!

Rocky Romero and Christopher Daniels!

Update on Jinder Mahal!

Happy Birthday to Triple H, Shannon Moore and Dolph Ziggler!

Tyler Breeze and Tommaso Ciampa!


She has come back!!! Watch Out For Ronda!!!

Nikki Bella and John Cena Update!

Interesting SummerSlam update!

Further details!

Is the tide changing for Roman Reigns?

Update on Sting!

Injury update on Mustafa Ali and Dorado!

Brock Lesnar is fired up?

Real Madrid get cool Title belt!

Manchester United and some superstars!

Brock Lesnar in Beast mode?


Fascinating Comments By Velvet Sky!!!

Update On Brock Lesnar!

Hulk Hogan By Alexa Bliss!

Is Nia Jax ok?

Is Matt Riddle joining WWE?

Fascinating on Jinder Mahal!

The latest On John Cena and Nikki Bella!

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar update!

31st of July 205 live outcomes!

31st of July, SmackDown outcomes…Go Becky!

Latest fun poll!

Is The Rock coming back?

The latest viewership figures!

Interesting update on Paul Heyman!


New Day Will Not Have A Leader…Is It A Group Effort?

Will The Return Of Hulk Hogan Into Hall Of Fame Be Smooth Sailing?

Interview with Ronda: Discussion In Differences Of Acting In WWE And Acting In Movies!

Braun Strowman And The Always Impressive Alexa Bliss!

Important news for the brilliant Mauro Ranallo!

Is Scarlett Bordeaux being inspired by former WWE star Sable?

Did Mike Bennett loose to Titus O’Neil in a match?

A new contract for WWE superstar Daniel Bryan? Will it happen?

The brilliant Becky Lynch, and an interesting Charlotte Flair!

Awesome interview with the legendry Chris Jericho!

Possible push for these stars: Bobby Lashley, Karl Anderson or Elias?

Will WWE superstar Nikki Bella be ok in this?

Did Charlotte Flair stamp her authority at SmackDown?

Is there going to be another match between The Undertaker and John Cena?

Interesting news on Kevin Dunn!

WWE superstar Jeff Hardy gets hit hard by Shinsuke Nakamura!!!

Will SummerSlam be the last in Brock Lesnars career?

Has the great Scott Hall come back?


A Huge Well Done To Glenn Jacobs, Now New Tennessee Mayor!!!

Was It An Easy Win For Jacobs Against Haney?

More Details On WWE Legend Kane Becoming New Tennessee Mayor!

Will Fenix and Pentagon Jr Eventually Sign For WWE?

More details on the mayoral election win for WWE legend Kane!

Will David Otunga be ok after a potential assault with a thief?

The brilliant Kane and his win of the Knox County mayoral election!

Further update on the Knox County mayoral election result!

More details on Fenix and Pentagon Jr, and whether they will go to WWE eventually!

Will WWE superstar Brock Lesnar stay at WWE after SummerSlam?

Interesting update on Dean Ambrose: Will he come back soon?

A further update on the awesome Kane and his awesome win!

More details with the Tennessee mayoral result!!!

Tommaso Ciampa and a medical update on Aleister Black!

Has WWE legend Kane hurt his foot? First medical injury in politics?

Will the NXT star Aleister Black recover from injury soon?

The awesome Glenn Jacobs and more details on his win as Knox County Mayor!

Further amazing details on Glenn Jacobs!

Glenn Jacobs and a successful Knox County mayoral win!

Interesting details on Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar match!

The Undertaker and Glenn Jacobs, Knox County Mayoral Election!

More amazing details on the amazing win for Kane!

The Tennessee mayoral election, Kane, and the result!

Awesome Guitar playing with Elias plus some behind-the-scenes footage!

Interesting inspirational footage of Natalya as she works it for a great cause!

Natalya against Naomi in a match at SummerSlam!

Did you know these SummerSlam facts at all?

Are these referees on the top of their game?


Is the great John Morrison coming back to WWE?

Interesting details on the new WWE 2K19 game?

Has the ‘Event Omega’ caused Matt Hardy to be in pain?

Are these wrestlers the best heels this year?

Hopefully, Dasha Fuentes will be ok after the surgery she has had!

The Mae Young Classic tournament and Xia Brooksides recent comments in taking part!

Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Ronda Rousey: Interesting update!

Has Matt Riddle signed a contract for WWE?

SummerSlam 2018: Potentially a great lineup and the possible reasons!

Will these NXT stars be alright after the SummerSlam event?

Are these the best matches that The Rock has featured in?

Lillian Garcia, Renee Young, Sarah Schreiber and the great Hulk Hogan!

Interesting interview with the great Diamond Dallas Page!

Interesting interview with DJZ, this looks good!!!

More details on Sasha Banks, Bayley and Ronda Rousey…looks interesting!

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose in a car, update on Johnny Gargano!

This is an awesome interview with Isla Dawn…take a good look, as she could have a great future!

Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch look to have a battle on their hands with The IIconics?

An update on the incredible Tenille Dashwood (Emma), hope she is doing ok!


WWE SummerSlam: Will the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar stay on?

More details: Are Hulk Hogan and Celeste Bonin backstage?

The epic Brock Lesnar is a very rich guy, thanks to his contracts?

Update on SummerSlam: Will there be a match between The Miz and Daniel Bryan?

6th of August Raw: The lows and highs (and the stuff in between)!

Is Ronda Rousey going crazy with Alicia Fox?

SmackDown live: An Interesting update!

WWE superstar Sami Zayn- ‘I get to wear a gown!’

This is an interesting and revealing interview with Glenn Jacobs!

A further crucial medical update on the injuries to Sami Zayn!

Is this Paul Heyman at his absolute, majestic best?

Sami Zayn, Kane, and a John Cena update!

Will Luke Gallows and the AJ Styles renew their contracts soon?

More amazing details on The Miz against Daniel Bryan match!!!

A further update on SummerSlam plus more details on the match!

Interesting update on Hulk Hogan!

7th of August outcomes for SmackDown live!

Interesting Glenn Jacobs update!

Will Brock Lesnar be able to balance WWE and UFC?

More details on SmackDown Live!

Hopefully Paige is in a more happier place!


Has Randy Orton gotten away with past behaviour???

This is an interesting update with WWE!

Is Asuka doing ok in the WWE, will she leave?

Randy Orton and further interesting details on WWE superstar!

More details on Randy Orton and the allegations!

Everything is fine now…Asuka is doing great!!!

Further interesting update on WWE superstar Randy Orton!

Will Randy Orton be ok after all of this, or could it get serious?

Cris Cyborg and the WWE, could she join it?

More awesome details on the phenomenal Asuka!

Will CM Punk be ok after this?


Interesting interview with the awesome WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross!!!

Are these some of the friends of the epic Ronda Rousey?

The interesting Ricochet: Will his arm be ok, or is it long term?

Is this an interesting response by Bubba Ray Dudley?

Will Sin Cara be ok after his knee surgery?

Interesting update with WWE superstars Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns!

Lana, Rusev, Daniel Bryan and Aiden English!!!

A further update on the injury to Sin Cara!

WWE superstar AJ Styles is one cool dude with the hat!

Could these guys challenge Dean Ambrose hard?

These are seriously awesome long runs for these stars!!!

Are Samoa Joe and AJ Styles on good terms?

Further details on the aftermath of this weeks SmackDown!

SmackDown live: The lows and highs this week!

This is an awesome narration on this weeks SmackDown!

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman: Is this an interesting turn of events???

Renee Young is going for it!

The Undertaker and an interesting update!

Update on Stephanie McMahon and Triple H!

Another SummerSlam update!

Will Matt Hardy be leaving any time soon?


Last Final Update On SummerSlam 2018, inc. Brock Lesnar!!!

I Don’t Think Becky Lynch Will Be Too Happy About That!

This could be hugely interesting for Michelle McCool!

Final line-up update on SummerSlam!

Happy birthday to Lillian Garcia, and the Velveteen Dream!

Ronda Rousey and a very agitated reaction from Shayna Baszler!

Interesting narration on SummerSlam 2018…further updates to appear!

These look like the awesome parts of the recent NXT Brooklyn event!

More awesome details on SummerSlam 2018!

Sean Waltman, Ricochet, Steve Austin, Adam Cole and Takeover!!!

Interesting take on the history of WWF!

Fascinating Gerco Roman update!!!

NXT in Brooklyn: The lows and highs!

Interesting historial SummerSlam cards!


Awesome interview with WWE superstar Finn Balor – MUST READ!!!

Epic update on Braun Strowman and RAW…Possible Cash in?

Will the great Rusev be ok during all of this?

For those of you wanting to become a wrestler, this is great advice!

Maryse and The Miz, John Cena, and The New Day!

The Awesome SmackDown and the lows and highs!

Lana, Rusev, The Usos and the very talented Aiden English!

The epic Dean Ambrose and an interesting update!

Will Charlotte Flair be ok after all of this?

Will WWE be changed after this years epic SummerSlam?

Can the seriously awesome Braun Strowman get help from these guys?

Will Roman Reigns have to fight hard against these guys?

The 21st of August, wrestling update, including Nakamura!

Interesting analysis on the SmackDown after SummerSlam!

Could this be awesome for The Shield?

Are these possible botches during the SmackDown after SummerSlam?

Will the talented Carmella get an epic rematch soon?

Interesting Hell in a Cell update!

21st of August 205 live outcomes!

21st of August awesome video on SmackDown plus outcomes!

SmackDown live and a further update on the outcomes!

This is an awesome narration on SmackDown, worth a read!

The Shield, and a further update!

This could be interesting for Stephanie McMahon?

Bludgeon Brothers against New Day – match – video!

Is AJ Styles prepared for Samoa Joe? – video!

Is there an apology from Becky Lynch? – video!

The Miz is on a roll after his match against Daniel Bryan – video!

Andrade Almas and Zelina Vega against Lana and Rusev – match – video!


Does Dwayne Johnson get along with these folk?

Could these actually take place at the Evolution Event this year?

What a cool tweet from WWE superstar Roman Reigns!!!

Will Carlotte Flair be ok with the WWE fans or will she get booed?

Interesting update on WWE…could be awesome!!!

Interesting update on the amazing Chris Jericho!

Could Paul Heyman get a client out of these wrestlers?

Well done to WWE superstar Xavier Woods!

WWE Hell in a Cell: Could these battles take place?

CM Punk, Dean Ambrose and many other anti-heros!

Hell in a Cell: Are these battles the best of all time?

Is The Rock coming back to make an awesome appearence?

Another Hell in a Cell interesting update!

Fascinating take on some of the faces in WWE!

Will Erick Rowan be ok after all of this?

Didn’t these wrestlers get along with each other?

These are interesting takes on WWE…MUST READ!

AJ Styles, Daivari, Daniel Bryan, Big Show, and more!

Awesome update on the WWE superstar Roman Reigns!

An awesome update on the NXT UK tournament!

Are these wrestlers currently unlucky at the moment?

She could be awesome…Kacy Catanzaro should go for it! – video

Stephanie McMahon in a huge match with the impressive Brie Bella! – video

Awesome stunt with Kane and Shane McMahon! – video

Asuka, The Miz and Maryse are showing their compassionate side! – video

Seth Rollins against Kevin Owens match! – video


Will She Quit Wrestling, Summer Rae- MUST READ!!!

‘Very interesting’ -Stone Cold!

Kevin Owens going to SmackDown live?

Will Matt Hardy ever come back?

Super Show-Down PPV event update!

Will WWE superstar Kevin Owens be ok?

Outcome on recent SmackDown live, inc. The New Day!

Saudi Arabia to host the WWE again?

Awesome interview with WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg- MUST READ!

A further update on Hell in a Cell!

Interesting comments by Maria Kanellis-Bennett on Divas Title!

Hell in a Cell update number 2!!!

Further update on Saudi Arabia event!

Is Kevin Owens a happy man?

Super Show-Down: Epic AJ Styles is competing!

Cyndi Lauper, Maria Kenellis-Bennett and more!

This is looking better and better for Becky Lynch! – video

Cool Bella Twins montage…must see! – video

Go for it, Nicole Matthews…Let’s see what you’ve got! – video

An exhausted looking Bobby Roode with a great match! – video

Cool interview with The Colons! – video